Steel & Stainless

Cover Plate S.B. for DASH95

An installation accessory for the DASH95. It comes in a variety of fine finishes.

  • U/M: each
  • Material: Solid Brass
Part Number FinishDescription
DASHCPU3 US3Polished Brass
DASHCPU4 US4Brushed Brass
DASHCPU5 US5Antique Brass
DASHCPU10B US10BOil-rubbed Bronze
DASHCPU15 US15Brushed Nickel
DASHCPU19 US19Paint Black
DASHCPU15A US15AAntique Nickel
DASHCPU26 US26Polished Chrome
DASHCPU26D US26DBrushed Chrome
DASHCP003 CR003PVD Polished Brass
Part NumberFinish, Description
DASHCPU3, US3, Polished Brass
DASHCPU4, US4, Brushed Brass
DASHCPU5, US5, Antique Brass
DASHCPU10B, US10B, Oil-rubbed Bronze
DASHCPU15, US15, Brushed Nickel
DASHCPU19, US19, Paint Black
DASHCPU15A, US15A, Antique Nickel
DASHCPU26, US26, Polished Chrome
DASHCPU26D, US26D, Brushed Chrome
DASHCP003, CR003, PVD Polished Brass