Steel & Stainless

Double Action Hinges

The Double Action Spring Hinge is a floor-mounted self-closing hinge with solid brass cover plates and trim. It swings in both directions and has a hold open feature at approximately 90 degrees.

Jamb Bracket S.B. for DASH95

An installation accessory for the DASH95. It comes in a variety of fine finishes.

U/M: each

Material: Solid Brass

Part Number List Price FinishDescription
JB-DASH95U3 15.00 US3Polished Brass
JB-DASH95U5 15.00 US5Antique Brass
JB-DASH95U10B 15.00 US10BOil-rubbed Bronze
JB-DASH95U15 15.00 US15Brushed Nickel
JB-DASH95U15A 15.00 US15AAntique Nickel"
JB-DASH95U26 15.00 US26Polished Chrome
JB-DASH95U26D 15.00 US26DBrushed Chrome
JB-DASH95CR003 15.00 CR003PVD Polished Brass

Part Number, List Price,
JB-DASH95USP, 15.00,
JB-DASH95U3, 15.00,
JB-DASH95U5, 15.00,
JB-DASH95U10B, 15.00,
JB-DASH95U15, 15.00,
JB-DASH95U15A, 15.00,
JB-DASH95U26, 15.00,
JB-DASH95U26D, 15.00,
JB-DASH95CR003, 15.00,