Solid Brass Hinges

3-1/2" x 3-1/2" x 5/8" Radius Hinge, Residential

Deltana solid brass hinges come in an array of fine finishes and may be fitted with decorative finials.

  • U/M: pair
  • Options: Residential
  • Thickness: .085
  • Material: Solid Brass
  • Case Qty: 30 pr
  • Wood Screw: #10 x 1"
Part Number FinishDescriptionCase Weight
DSB35R53-R US3Polished Brass32 lbs
DSB35R55-R US5Antique Brass32 lbs
DSB35R510B-R US10BOil-rubbed Bronze32 lbs
DSB35R514-R US14Polished Nickel32 lbs
DSB35R515-R US15Brushed Nickel32 lbs
DSB35R515A-R US15AAntique Nickel"32 lbs
DSB35R519-R US19Paint Black32 lbs
DSB35R526-R US26Polished Chrome32 lbs
DSB35R526D-R US26DBrushed Chrome32 lbs
CSB35R5-R CR003PVD Polished Brass32 lbs
Part NumberFinish, Description, Case Weight
DSB35R53-R, US3, Polished Brass, 32 lbs
DSB35R55-R, US5, Antique Brass, 32 lbs
DSB35R510B-R, US10B, Oil-rubbed Bronze, 32 lbs
DSB35R514-R, US14, Polished Nickel, 32 lbs
DSB35R515-R, US15, Brushed Nickel, 32 lbs
DSB35R515A-R, US15A, Antique Nickel", 32 lbs
DSB35R519-R, US19, Paint Black, 32 lbs
DSB35R526-R, US26, Polished Chrome, 32 lbs
DSB35R526D-R, US26D, Brushed Chrome, 32 lbs
CSB35R5-R, CR003, PVD Polished Brass, 32 lbs