Door Closers


Deltana accessories for door closers can dinamize their utility and make them more adaptable to your installation and applicaton needs. They are available in matching finishes.

Sex Bolts for DC40

U/M: each

Machine Screw: #12 x 24mm

Material: Steel

Part Number List Price FinishDescription
DCSB175-AL 6.00 Aluminum
DCSB175-DURO 6.00 Duro
DCSB175-GOLD 6.00 Gold
DCSB175-WHITE 6.00 White

Part Number, List Price,
DCSB175-AL, 6.00,
DCSB175-DURO, 6.00,
DCSB175-GOLD, 6.00,
DCSB175-WHITE, 6.00,