Floor Mounted Bumpers, Solid Brass

Deltana floor mounted bumpers are available in different sizes and designs. They are available in an array of fine finishes

Universal Floor Bumper Blister Pack 2", Solid Brass

A Blister Packed Edition of the Universal Floor Bumper 2"

Bar Width: 1

U/M: each

Height: 2"

Material: Solid Brass

Part Number List Price FinishDescription
UFB5000BP3 23.00 US3Polished Brass
UFB5000BP5 25.00 US5Antique Brass
UFB5000BP10B 25.00 US10BOil-rubbed Bronze
UFB5000BP15 25.00 US15Brushed Nickel
UFB5000BP26 25.00 US26Polished Chrome

Part Number, List Price,
UFB5000BP3, 23.00,
UFB5000BP5, 25.00,
UFB5000BP10B, 25.00,
UFB5000BP15, 25.00,
UFB5000BP26, 25.00,