Baseboard Stops

Deltana baseboard door bumpers are easy to install and available in an array of fine finishes.

4" Modern Square Baseboard Bumper, Solid Brass

The Deltana 4" Modern Square Baseboard Bumper is available in an array of fine finishes.

U/M: Each

Length: 4"

Material: Solid Brass

Tip Projection: 7/16"

Part Number List Price FinishDescription
BDSS40U3-UNL 16.00 US3-UNLUnlacquered Brass
BDSS40U4 17.00 US4Brushed Brass
BDSS40U10B 17.00 US10BOil-rubbed Bronze
BDSS40U14 17.00 US14Polished Nickel
BDSS40U15 17.00 US15Brushed Nickel
BDSS40U26 17.00 US26Polished Chrome

Part Number, List Price,
BDSS40U3-UNL, 16.00,
BDSS40U4, 17.00,
BDSS40U10B, 17.00,
BDSS40U14, 17.00,
BDSS40U15, 17.00,
BDSS40U26, 17.00,