Baseboard Stops

Deltana baseboard door bumpers are easy to install and available in an array of fine finishes.

4" Contemporary Half-Cylinder Tip Baseboard Bumper, Solid Brass

The Deltana 4" Half-Cylinder Tip Baseboard Bumper features a dynamic design that allows wide or up-right installation. It is available in an array of fine finishes.

U/M: Each

Length: 4"

Material: Solid Brass

Tip Projection: 3/8"

Part Number List Price FinishDescription
BDSR40U3-UNL 20.00 US3-UNLUnlacquered Brass
BDSR40U4 22.00 US4Brushed Brass
BDSR40U10B 22.00 US10BOil-rubbed Bronze
BDSR40U14 22.00 US14Polished Nickel
BDSR40U15 22.00 US15Brushed Nickel
BDSR40U26 22.00 US26Polished Chrome

Part Number, List Price,
BDSR40U3-UNL, 20.00,
BDSR40U4, 22.00,
BDSR40U10B, 22.00,
BDSR40U14, 22.00,
BDSR40U15, 22.00,
BDSR40U26, 22.00,