Bathroom Accessories

HD Bath Baskets

Deltana Heavy Duty Baskets are offered in various designs to suit space and storage needs in the bathroom and shower. Their heavy solid brass construction allows them to maintain quality in wet environments.

Wire Basket 10-3/8", Rectangular Deep & Shallow, With Hook

Deltana Wire Baskets are designed to add style and functionality to the bathroom. They are ideal for shower walls for added storage. Their solid brass construction resists tarnishing. Packed with mounting hardware.

U/M: each

Material: Solid Brass

Dimensions: 10-3/8" x 4-7/8"

Part Number List Price FinishDescription
WBR1051HU10B 84.00 US10BOil-rubbed Bronze
WBR1051HU14 84.00 US14Polished Nickel
WBR1051HU15 84.00 US15Brushed Nickel
WBR1051HU26 84.00 US26Polished Chrome
WBR1051HCR003 84.00 CR003PVD Polished Brass

Part Number, List Price,
WBR1051HU10B, 84.00,
WBR1051HU14, 84.00,
WBR1051HU15, 84.00,
WBR1051HU26, 84.00,
WBR1051HCR003, 84.00,